We got BLE, WiFi, RF, and other for your wired or wireless communications
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IR Receiver Digital Module Gravity

IR Receiver Digital Module Gravity. Infrared devices are widely used, and often for remote controlle..


IR Transmitter Module Digital Gravity

An infrared transmitter is simply a Light Emitting Diode which generates IR light (invisible IR ligh..


KeyDuino Development Board for NFC Arduino Projects

KeyDuino is an Arduino compatible development board with built-in NFC (Near-Field Communication). ..


Keyfob 4-Button RF Remote Control - 315MHz

This 4-button keyfob remote goes with our three basic 315MHz RF receiver modules. It will work with ..


LCD1602 IIC I2C Interface Adapter Plate

This is a new IIC LCD backpack which supports Gadgeteer interface (IDC10).  It allows gadgeteer..


LightBlue Bean Bluetooth LE Smartphone Arduino Compatible

The LightBlue Bean is a new Arduino compatible microcontroller with built-in Bluetooth LE support. I..


Lora RFM95 Shield 915MHZ

The Elecrow Lora Shield is a long range transceiver on a Arduino shield form factor and based on Ope..


LoRa RFM95W Radio Transceiver Breakout 868 or 915 MHz Adafruit

"You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat.  You pull his tail in New York a..


Mini USB Host Shield 2.0 ADK for Arduino

You can interface your Android phone OTG to your Arduino module by using this module. It will also a..


NEO-6M GPS Shield With MicroSD Interface for Arduino

Today, even our mobile phones have GPS locators. With that, adding a GPS feature to your Arduino p..


NFC / RFID Coin Tag 13.56MHz NTAG 215 10PCS

This tiny micro NFC/RFID tag is super small and contains an NTAG215 chip plus antenna. It's super ti..


NFC 25mm Stickers 13.56MHz NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags 5PCS

The new generation of the widespread Ntag203, NTAG213 NFC Chip is made by NXP, has a 144-byte memory..


NFC Arduino Shield

NFC(Near Field Communication) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish..


NFC Card Tag 13.56MHz 5PCS

This cheap yet efficient RFID card could be the answer to your access controls. You may use this RFI..


NFC RFID MFRC522 Reader Kit 13.56MHz

The NFC RFID MFRC522 Reader Kit 13.56MHz is a low-power RFID kit for Arduino. Here are the reas..


NFC RFID Module PN532

Most of RFID modules are hardwired for SPI communication. This module, however, is not. The PN532 is..


NFC RFID PN532 controller breakout board

Imagine having different users with different user levels for your system. You can filter them out b..


NFC Sticker Tag 13.56MHz

NFC Sticker Tag 13.56MHz. This is a MIFARE Classic Sticker, often used for electronic locks or custo..


NFC Tag - Clear Diamond (MIFARE Classic 13.56MHz/1K S50)

     This is a MiFare Classic keychain fob - often used for electronic locks or custo..


NFC Tag Grove

Grove - NFC Tag is a highly integrated Near Field Communication Tag module, this module is I2C int..


NFC Tag Round

NFC Tag (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identification as well as other sy..


NodeMCU Lua WiFi Board Based on ESP8266 CP2102 Module

Are you a newbie when it comes to the Internet of Things? Well, fear not! Make awesome IoT projects ..


NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 Development Board

Are you a noob when it comes to Internet of Things? Well fear not! Make awesome IoT projects wit..


NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module - 1100 Meters

NRF24L01P + PA + LNA wireless module operates in Free license 2.4G ISM band, you can do point to poi..


Particle Photon

The Photon is a Wi-Fi development kit for creating connected projects and products for the Interne..


Particle Photon Internet Button

Make something happen on the internet.  We're not talking about putting up a video of your ..


PiUART - USB Console and Power Add-on for Raspberry Pi

Here's another super handy add-on for your Raspberry Pi computer, perfect for 'head-less' setups! Th..


PL2303 USB to TTL Communication Conversion Board

This USB module allows users to interface any 5v or 3.3v microcontroller to communicate with their d..


Quad-band Wired Cellular Antenna SMA 850/900/1800/1900MHz

A Quad-band antenna for embedded cellular devices. This antenna will allow you to connect your cellu..


Raspberry Pi WiFi 150M Miniature (802.11n) Module

EDUP"s Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter allows you to connect your devices such as laptop, PC and miniPC t..