DC DC Boost And Buck Voltage Converter LM2577& LM2596

DC DC Boost And Buck Voltage Converter LM2577& LM2596

DC DC Boost And Buck Voltage Converter LM2577& LM2596

With this DC-DC Adjustable boost and buck voltage converter, you can change any other 3.5-28V power supply. The output voltage is adjust from 1.25-26V. For example, your input voltage is 5V, you can adjust the output voltage from 1.25V to 26V any value. The max input and output rated current is 1A. This module integrates LM2596 and LM2577. It is very useful and easy to use. It would be a good assistant in your debugging.

  • Input voltage: 3.5V-28V
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: 1.25V~26V
  • Input current: Rated current is 1A
  • Output current: Rated current is 1A
  • Dimension: 53mm x 38mm x 21mm
  • Input: 'IN+' input is Positive, 'IN-' type negative
  • Output: 'OUT+' output is Positive, 'OUT-' type negative


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