Tamiya Motors and Gearboxes

Tamiya Motors and Gearboxes

Now available in the Philippines, Tamiya Motors and Gearboxes!

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Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit

INTRODUCTIONTamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit. This is an excellent way to get started quickly wit..


Tamiya 70103 Universal Gearbox Kit

Tamiya 70103 universal gearbox has a thin, compact, metal frame, making it the smallest Tamiya gearb..


Tamiya 70110 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 4-speed crank-axle gearbox has four possible gear ratios, including the highest gear rati..


Tamiya 70167 Single Gearbox (4-Speed) Kit

The Tamiya single gearbox is essentially half of the Tamiya 70168 double gearbox. The kit can b..


Tamiya 70168 Double Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya double gearbox is a compact unit with two independent motors and gear trains. The kit inc..


Tamiya 72001 Planetary Gearbox Kit

The first in Tamiya’s “high efficiency” series, the planetary gearbox features two 4:1 and two 5:1 s..


Tamiya 72002 High-Speed Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72002 high-speed gearbox can be assembled in 11.6:1 and 18:1 gear ratios. The high-effici..


Tamiya 72003 High-Power Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72003 high-power gearbox can be built in a gear ratio of 41.7:1 or 64.8:1, making it well..


Tamiya 72005 6-Speed Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72005 6-speed gearbox is a versatile, high-efficiency gearbox that you can build in one o..