Get your right dosage of robotics equipment here. This will add mobility to your Arduino project, thesis or hobby. We sell actuators, mobile kits and other robotics related goods now available in the Philippines.

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Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi

The Stepper Motor Expansion Shield is all-around to support several Steppers/Motors/Servos at the ..


Stepper Motor Screw Nut Slider 2 Phase 4 Wire

FEATURES:Micro Sliding table fit for DIY laser engraving machine as its XY axis.QUICK SPECS:Motor Ty..


Stepper Motor ULN2003 Driver

ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board is use the ULN2003 DARLINGTON ARRAYS to drive the 4-phase 5-wire ..


Stepper Motor with 18cm Lead Screw: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×38mm, 2.8V, 1.7 A/Phase

This linear positioning drive consists of our 42×38 mm NEMA17 stepper motor with a built-in lead scr..


Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 20×30mm, 3.9V, 0.6 A/Phase

This small hybrid bipolar stepping motor has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each pha..


Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 28×45mm, 4.5V, 0.67 A/Phase

This hybrid bipolar stepping motor has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase dra..


Stepper NEMA 17 Bipolar 42mm Motor 42 x 42 x 34 mm

This bipolar stepper motor uses 4 wires to control its positioning and/or speed control. It has a lo..


Stepper NEMA 17 Bipolar Motor 42 x 42 x 48 mm

A go-to stepper motor if you wanted to build your own CNC machine either a 3D printer or a la..


Stepper ULN2803A 8 Channel Darlington Driver Solenoid Unipolar

Bring in some muscle to your output pins with 8 mighty Darlingtons! This DIP chip contains 8 drivers..


Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit

Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit. This is an excellent way to get started quickly with robotics! ..


Tamiya 70103 Universal Gearbox Kit

Tamiya 70103 universal gearbox has a thin, compact, metal frame, making it the smallest Tamiya gearb..


Tamiya 70110 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 4-speed crank-axle gearbox has four possible gear ratios, including the highest gear rati..


Tamiya 70167 Single Gearbox (4-Speed) Kit

The Tamiya single gearbox is essentially half of the Tamiya 70168 double gearbox. The kit can b..


Tamiya 70168 Double Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya double gearbox is a compact unit with two independent motors and gear trains. The kit inc..


Tamiya 72001 Planetary Gearbox Kit

The first in Tamiya's high efficiency series, the planetary gearbox features two 4:1 and two 5:1 sta..


Tamiya 72002 High-Speed Gearbox Kit

  The Tamiya 72002 high-speed gearbox can be assembled in 11.6:1 and 18:1 gear ratios. The hig..


Tamiya 72003 High-Power Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72003 high-power gearbox can be built in a gear ratio of 41.7:1 or 64.8:1, making it well..


Tamiya 72005 6-Speed Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72005 6-speed gearbox is a versatile, high-efficiency gearbox that you can build in one..


Tank Track and Wheel Set Tamiya

The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set is designed to be used in conjunction with multiple Tamiya prod..


Thin White Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motors 65mm Diameter

We're keepin' it wheel with this one! Plastic gear-box motors (also known as 'TT' motors) are an eas..


Tire Truck Set Tamiya 70101 4PCS

The Tamiya 70101 truck tire set contains four 36 mm-diameter wheels with hard, rubber, 16 mm-wide tr..


Track Set 22T Black Pololu

This track set includes a pair of 22-tooth silicone tracks, two black drive sprockets measuring 35 m..


Traveling Nut for TR10 Threaded Rods Lead 4mm

This copper alloy traveling nut is intended for use with TR10 threaded rods and features a mounting ..


TT Motor with Encoder 6V 160RPM 120:1

This is the DFRobot TT Micro DC geared motor with encoder. It is a motor with a 120:1 gearbox and an..


Turbo Metal Gear Worm Motor 6V 40RPM 10kg-cm

The turbo metal gear worm motor uses a metal gear box for durability and a high torque output. Due t..


Vibrating Mini Motor Disc

*BZZZZZZZZZZ* Feel that? That's your little buzzing motor, and for any haptic feedback project you'l..


Vibration DC Motor 180

QUICK SPECS:Size: 32*20.2*15.4mm (1.25"*0.80"*0.61")Working Voltage: 6-7.2V;Shaft Length: 10mmSpeed ..


Vibration Micro Motor 3V 0.3A

QUICK SPECS:Rated voltage : DC 3VNo-load current: 0.3APlugging current: 0.45ASpeed : 2450RPMMicro Vi..


Vibration Motor

The vibration modules vibrates when it activated by signal logic HIHG, like the vibration of a phone..


Vibration Motor Module For Arduino Gravity

Have you ever wondered how to implement a vibration motor in your project, like you would find in a ..